Plant Spirit Medicine as a healing modality has much to do with Traditional Five Element Chinese Medicine. It also has much to do with shamanism. In the Five Element Chinese Medicine view we talk about the seasons and the five elements. If you have ever received acupuncture, for example, or have ever worked with feng shui, you may be familiar with the seasons and elements.

Summer, the Fire element and your heart

Fire is the element of this season of summer. We can relate to the hotter days of summer as fire, but fire also refers to the warmth of our life, the joy in our lives, the warmth of relationships. In summer there is activity, people are out and about, we can be more gregarious, more social. Being around others, having fun and enjoying ourselves are all good for our hearts. Not just for our physical hearts (we know this about exercise, for example) but also for our spiritual hearts. Connection, community, being seen, being witnessed are all essential for the health of our spiritual and emotional hearts.

The most healing things to do in summer

Summer is the perfect season for you to wear bright colors, go outside, exercise, connect or re-connect with nature, listen to music you love, reach out to long lost friends, allow ourselves to be seen by our community, be less afraid, less alone and thus begin to mend, to heal our hearts.

In terms of Plant Spirit Medicine healing, summer is the very best time of year to receive a treatment that  listens to, wakes up and nourishes your passion, your uniqueness, your precious heart.