An aha moment during Beauty and the Beast

One of my favorite parts of “Beauty and the Beast” is the moment when the animated objects run out of time and begin to turn completely into objects — no longer with human attributes such as feeling, speaking and moving. Poignant scene! It absolutely made me think of Plant Spirit Medicine as a healing modality. In Plant Spirit Medicine healing, the healer and plants work together to bring about something simple and profound; magical and matter of fact. Working together they help bring people back to their most human way of being so that they can again be truly authentic. In the movie, that moment when time runs out and they lose their ability to return to their human form was painful and sad to watch.

In Plant Spirit Medicine healing, the collaboration between practitioner and plants helps bring people back into their most beautiful, deepest humanity. We all know that stress, loss, pain and hurt can at times make us feel numb, detached, cold, disconnected, dark, depressed. These states of being are not conducive to joy, to community, to participating fully in life. So for me, that moment in the movie was a huge reminder of the beauty and power of Plant Spirit Medicine. A PSM treatment absolutely helps us to be more human, more true to ourselves, reminds us of who we are, cleanses us and returns us to our passion, our purpose and to the connected state of being which is our birthright.

How healing plants actually see us

I remember when I first began practicing PSM almost 10 years ago, and my first 3 clients walked in to my treatment room.  The first few times I saw them come through the door it was like seeing the most glorious and beautiful people in the world.  They looked so beautiful to me that it frankly made me wonder what was going on.  I soon realized that the plant spirits were teaching me how to “see” and observe my PSM clients the way they, the plants, see us humans — as beautiful, amazing, complex, radiant beings. I still at times experience this with my clients though not in the same way. That was like a revelation. A moment in which my clients were completely dazzling and lovely in every way. Once I realized that the plants were teaching me how Divine sees us, and how Nature sees us … the lesson was received and integrated and now it doesn’t happen in that same way.

Just as in the Beauty and the Beast movie the objects lose their abilities and their full capacities because of a curse, we as humans sometimes lose our way, forget who we are, forget our purpose, or are unable to be kind to ourselves or others. Plant Spirit Medicine healing is a wonderful antidote to our loneliness, our lack of purpose and that ailing sense of soul loss. The plants generously and patiently begin to work to remove debris, to remove pathology, to peel the onion of who we truly are and to ignite our hearts and our spirits. It doesn’t happen overnight but rather as a dazzlingly beautiful process of unfolding. For me, it is such an honor to be part of this collaboration. Such a beautiful experience to witness my clients become more themselves, more authentic, kinder to themselves and others, more whole, more passionate, more alive!