I used to live in Portland, Oregon, where a 26-mile long park traverses the entire City. You can park pretty much anywhere in NW Portland and gain access to gorgeous hiking, cycling and nature trails. Trees here are huge, healing, purifying presences.

Plant Spirit Medicine homework

While studying to become a Plant Spirit Medicine healer, I would go into this park to do some of my PSM class assignments, which were many, quite varied and some would say “unusual.” On this particular day, I was by myself and I remember getting out of my car and walking, feeling not good, not on purpose, but rather sad and lonely. I just knew I had to be out in Nature, and so it was a good time to also do some PSM class homework.

I began to walk paying close attention to the sights, sounds, smells and the Life all around me. As soon as I started to see the big pine trees, my eyes moved up to one of them, then another, then another. My eyes my heart were drawn up,up to the height of the trees and my perspective changed completely. I was so small, almost insignificant. They were so huge, strong. The trees told me, “Look at it [the situation] from where we are; you will see it differently. We have been here a really long time. We are all with you. You are not alone.” And just like that, everything shifted. Not just because of their words but because of their healing presence.

Do all trees talk with Plant Spirit Medicine healers?

I have heard many accounts of memories, encounters and powerful experiences with trees from my PSM colleagues. Some actually feel that it is difficult to engage in contact with some trees, because trees have been around for such a long time, they are such huge presences and their perspective is just different. They truly embody patience and long-term vision. But trees are amazing, generous, wise healers.

Just yesterday I went for a walk and met some “new” trees. At some point during my walk my state shifted and I began to see trees differently; to really observe their moods and their faces and their markings, and to even see the energy field between connecting branches — a certain luminosity that can indicate a portal of energy. And it was dazzling and precious.

Trees are our Nature shamans; our allies

And finally it occurred to me that trees are like people and people are like trees. We all want balance. We all have jobs to do. We all want to grow. We all have scars and stories. We live in one same environment and we are either nourished or destroyed by it. Trees know us intimately. They are our partners, our friends. This is why we live near one another, this is why we care for one another. This is why Trees can be such inspiring purifiers and sentinels for our homes and cities and towns and for our Earth. Not by coincidence but by Divine plan and by sacred agreement.