One of the things I witness consistently in my Plant Spirit Medicine healing practice is the beauty of transformation.  Similar to the peeling of an onion, layers fall off and the innate radiance,  beauty and ease of a person’s spirit begins to be revealed. As they come into balance and harmony, conditions, issues and situations that previously had a hold on them become less relevant, less stressful.  When I step into my center as a spiritual healer and am about to collaborate with the plants to offer a Plant Spirit Medicine treatment, I go into this inner space of transformation which informs me always. This place is rich, nourishing and humbling.  It always moves me and at times brings up questions. It inspired this poem:

So who am I

Am I my dreams, my hopes my expectations?
Am I what I do? My work? My purpose?

Am I truly infinite, unbounded potential?
My sisters’/ brothers’ keeper?

Who am I
This tiny fleck?

Am I my times’ medicine person?
Or am I only my deepest doubt?

Who am I

Egret in flight

Drum in raptured cadence

Kernel. Bud.

Ember about to (yet again) combust.


—  Adrilia V. Pedersen