It is absolutely true that anything worthwhile requires a certain depth of commitment, a certain ability to go beyond the obvious, beyond the mundane, beyond appearances.


Healing the roots

When I lived in Portland at the ashram, I remember how hugely careful we were to care for the roots whenever we would garden, or dig up a tree to transplant it. We would send love to the roots and be very mindful and centered when we dug things up.  Plant Spirit Medicine is like that.


How we dig and care for our people as spiritual healers


Because it is medicine for the spirit of a person, PSM healers are careful, aware, present and not afraid to go beyond, go beneath, listen from the depths of their awareness to the depth of their clients’ hearts.  The more I work and network and meet other healers in the Chicago area, the more I realize that as a group, Plant Spirit Medicine practitioners have a very unique and beautiful bedside manner, for lack of a better word. We really go beyond asking the questions, doing an intake, and connecting with a client. We truly listen. We dig deep. We truly observe, we truly honor the spirit of our clients. This way we can really listen to what is happening in the body, mind and most importantly, the spirit of our clients … and we can then call on our plant allies to help them in the most profound way possible.