I live in the Midwest, in Chicago’s Northwestern suburbs. Not many people here have ever heard of Plant Spirit Medicine healing, unless they have visited the Blue Deer Center, heard about Eliot Cowan’s work, or read his book. This year I made a concerted effort to begin networking, meeting like minded people and sharing my healing work with others in this area.  One of the groups I encountered was founded by a remarkable woman, Atala Toy, who for many years was the President of ISIC, the Institute for Interdimensional Cooperation. Interdimensional in the sense of honoring , respecting and celebrating all the beings of diverse dimensions whose paths and destinies intersect with our own. Namely, plant beings, stone beings, weather beings, Nature beings …. every dimension on which we depend and who depends on us. What a beautiful notion, right? The name alone calls forth a vision of working together on behalf of our peoples and on behalf of our planet. As a result of my participation in the group, I was invited to write a blog post on Plant Spirit Medicine, discussing questions people ask me about my healing modality. The blog post was published today on the Crystal Life Technology website.  In writing the blog post, my dear teacher, Eliot Cowan’s words were front and center. I could almost hear him saying, “It is not a thing of the mind. People have to experience the medicine, feel it, really have a sense of the work of the plant spirits. Once that happens, people realize their spirits have been touched. It is a true, real, fully authentic, fully generous exchange.” But I wrote the post anyway. And here’s why I did it. Over the years when I have been practicing Plant Spirit Medicine healing in Illinois, I have witnessed such beautiful, rich, sweet, powerful transformations. Some of them have happened in people who had many questions in the beginning, whose minds needed to be set at ease. Not that in answering questions I engaged with their minds instead of their hearts … but they had questions and I did my best to provide answers, with my ears (and most importantly my heart) open. And those answers provided a certain foundation so that the clients could say “yes” to the medicine, to the fullness, generosity and powerful medicine of the plant spirits. And the rest … as they say … is history. And it was worth answering the questions because they allowed the person to receive the gifts of healing that the plant spirits had to offer. So I wrote the blog post, while I heeded Don Eliot’s warnings, and I hoped and still do hope for the best.  I hope that in providing answers to some frequently asked questions I am helping open a doorway, offer an alternative, invite further exchange … and ultimately honor this powerful medicine … as well as the people who can so immensely benefit from its gifts.