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Tag: PSM Healing

Cultivating the stance of a Plant Spirit Medicine healer

This morning I found myself contemplating the preparation that healers undergo in order to be able to share their gifts with others. A few weeks back I wrote about right relationship, and certainly this is one of the important things to cultivate with the plant spirits and the entire natural world as we endeavor to alleviate people’s suffering. Here are other ways in which we become ready as healers:

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Usher in a new year with Plant Spirit Medicine

It is absolutely important (and delicious to our spirits) to receive Plant Spirit Medicine any time of year but especially in winter. As they work powerfully and oh so very generously to bring us into balance and harmony, the plants remind us what is important in terms of our life purpose, and they help us connect with our larger vision for our lives.

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Botanical Art and Plant Spirit Medicine

My intention in taking the class was to take advantage of the opportunities the Arboretum offers, meet new people and do something different. Little did I know it was going to be a day full of Plant Spirit Medicine lessons. I went into the class and the teacher had a bucket of tulips in water. She told each of us to take one and begin drawing. We were all newbies, all learning how to draw, how to see, how to capture a flower in a drawing. The tulip I chose was closed but you could still observe so much color and nuance. Or … so I thought. Then, it was time to really begin to “see.”

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Inspiration from this year’s Plant Spirit Medicine Conference

I love gathering with PSM healers from all over the country to explore new areas of growth in our healing practices, catch up on our personal and professional lives, learn, sit by the fire and listen. Talks, panel discussions and workshops happen around a beautiful fire. We open our hearts to each other, our medicine, the sacred gifts of the Land at the Blue Deer Center, our teachers and the world. We learn, we share, we explore, we squirm in our seats, we ask, we debate, we honor one another, we hold our people and our medicine and our prayers for all of the above and we march on home afterwards renewed, inspired, re-invigorated and filled with joy to take to our healing practices, our families, our communities, our people.

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